Create content from A4 paper

This is not an origami lesson but I may perform some on request, no this is a first step into creating valuable content that resonates with your consumer.

What you will need:

3 pieces of A4 paper

A Pen/Pencil

Why this is important

I create content (articles) for social media/websites and we all should but often we can be so bogged down on what to write, what will make us money, whose going to read etc etc. We just want that perfect piece.

Well we need to put those thoughts on the back burner because today I want you to think about yourself and that popular phrase “your why”.

No need to explain

Whatever trade you are in it will be on you business card, I know that if you are an accountant you probably support my finances and taxes. I don’t need you to tell me 5 time a week that you are an accountant who supports my finances and taxes. I want to choose you because I like you, because that tip you gave saved me money, because your content resonates with me, because you are just like me, because you have struggled too.

Do you see where I am going with this. Stop selling, start communicating, start story telling, you will create your own little fan base who will support you and become ambassadors of your brand.

Ok Jack get to the point….

So where do the 3 bits of A4 come in to it. Firstly don’t be tempted to use your computer/phone it is too easy to delete, on paper it’s there to stay. All those little things you crossed out now may be inspiration later.

One rule: Don’t stop to think about it. We can often trap ourselves finding the perfect story to write. I want you to just write until the page is filled with tiny titbits of your life. Also fill additional space you have remaining with whatever “boring” thought that pops into your head, write it!

The First Sheet — You

On the first sheet I want you to write (without thinking about it) your story. Right from when you were young, hobbies, schooling, friends, your heroes, your family. Write about what your parents did for a living, the first time you felt inspired to create or work hard. Your favourite memory, best teacher, worst teacher, your saddest memory. What freedoms do you enjoy being your own boss? Fill one side with every detail you can go over to the other side if you are flowing.

The second sheet — Your business

Be specific about your business. Where did it start? What inspired you to get into your industry? How did that first day feel? Was it a horrible boss? A need to work for yourself? Did you nearly give up at any point? What is the driving force for you? How do you feel looking back on old work you have done? How do you feel about the future? What is the hardest bit about your role? Let it flow through onto the page like a diary of your time and inspiration in the business.

The third sheet — Your customers

Now it is customer focused. What problem does your business solve? What top ten tips can your customer action today? What is the most boring element of the business? (Think about that one often the boring bits to you are the most fascinating to a client) What compliments have you received? What elements of your business fascinate you the most? Why? What achievements have your business been through? What did you do today?

What next

By now or when you choose to do this exercise you should have 3 full bits of A4 with your life written all over them. I want you to read it through, maybe with a highlighter and find all of the brilliant memories of your story or solid pieces of information about your business the ups and downs. Then what your business does for your customer and what they can take away and do for themselves*. Now you have these memories or facts etc highlighted elaborate on them. That’s right expand on them turn them into stories or information. Where you can relate them to your business, not all the good ones may be relatable to your business though so don’t force it. I will guarantee if done right you will have a lot of very valuable informative very human content to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, Podcast etc that your customers will lap up.

Last Trick

This trick can be applied to any elements you wish. If you want to write what you have learned or talk about what you know about the industry, your family life it doesn’t matter just write.

Any questions email me

Much Love


*Side note, you may not want to give away your best tricks to your potential consumers but if you want them to come running to you because they trust you and want to delegate you will be first in line. 95% of won’t action valuable information we would rather someone else just did it for us.





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