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Video SEO: The "How To" Guide for Beginners

Video is a powerful tool for boosting your website's SEO. In this blog, we'll take a look at how businesses should be creating more content with video to boost SEO.

Video has been proven to improve your website's rankings in search results. According to Moz, "video can increase organic traffic by 40%." The reason is simple:

YouTube is the second-most used search engine on the internet after Google.

If you have videos on your site that have been optimised for YouTube, you can make sure that those videos are showing up in YouTube searches as well as Google searches—and that means more eyeballs on your site!

But you don't have to just leave it at that. You can also use video as part of an SEO strategy for improving rankings on Google and other search engines (like Bing).

This strategy involves creating specific types of videos to target specific keywords and phrases in order to get better placement in search results.

So what kind of video should you create?

Well, there are many different kinds of videos out there! But here are some of the most common types I see businesses using when they're working on their SEO strategies:

1. How-to videos

2. Reviews

3. Product demos

4. Interviews with experts

5. Customer testimonials

6. The best of/top 10 lists

7. Demonstrations and reenactments of real-life scenarios (e.g., how to choose the right pair of shoes)

8. How-to videos that provide educational value (e.g., a cooking show)

So why not make a start today?

Beyond Films can support you in gaining better website SEO with video. So you can be found easier online.

Get in touch today.


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